Static Caravans and Limited Mobility

If you are looking for a static caravan to extend your living space or use as a home office but you have limited mobility or a disabilty, Joal Leisure and Hulse Ross can provide a bespoke caravan for you!

There are four static caravans of set design with the ability to modify the caravan to suit your disability. An alternative to this is to have a completely bespoke home built around your mobility requirements. The process is easy with you choosing a floor plan, choosing your own customisations according to your disability, and choosing an external look.
Hulse Ross are specialists in designing holiday homes for those with disablilties and Joal Leisure are proud to be an official dealership of their products.

Hulse Ross CH-Series

Want to stand out from the crowd then the Hulse Ross Chalet is the Holiday home for you. Extra thick wall insulation together with double glazing as a standard gives the Chalet excellent thermal insulation allowing for four seasons holidays.
An internal height of 76 allows for an abundant sense of space and light. We have left the interior as minimalist as possible allowing the consumer to stamp their own mark on the design of the lounge area. No fitted furniture or light fittings in the lounge give the consumer full control over how they want the room to appear.

Hulse Ross DIY

Request your bespoke static caravan to complement your own personal needs resulting from your disablilty.
Call us now to start your design process on 0844 335 0843!
You are able to choose from a range of layouts, door styles, and colours, upholstery, curtains, wallboards, carpets, linoleum, wetroom.
You can then choose from a range of external cladding, window frames, guttering, glazing, heating and chassis type!
This type of customisation is perfect for people with disabilities or mobility issues as you can essentially design your own home!

Hulse Ross HO-Series

Contemporary, sharp and inspirational, the Holiday range features stylish quality fabrics and furnishings all tailored to exceed your expectations. With three models to choose from, two of which have innovative centre lounge layouts, the Holiday promises nothing less than the best.
The clever use of space in the Holiday makes the rooms immensely practical. PVCu double glazed windows, an internally vaulted lounge ceiling and pitched pan tile roof all combine to give added appeal and value. As standard we take extra care to ensure your comfort and peace of mind so if you want a Holiday, come to Hulse Ross.

Hulse Ross TO-Series

Vibrant, fresh and ultra modern; the Tosabe range makes effective use of contemporary colours and materials to complement the overall appearance.
Contrasting flawlessly alongside the continental style birch wood finish is an assortment of black nickel fittings. The lounge and well-equipped U-shaped kitchen fuse together to create a contemporary open-plan living quarter.
Large, traditional Georgian windows and a distinguishing bay signify an abundance of natural light throughout, giving the Isamar everything needed to live up to its flamboyant image.

Hulse Ross RO-Series

Outstanding, modern and distinctive; the Royal is packed with great features that really show off the benefits of owning a prominent top of the range Hulse Ross caravan holiday home.
The lounge is exceptionally spacious and comfortable; traditional Georgian windows and a distinctive bay allows for a flood of natural light, creating a sensation of warmth. The kitchen is contemporary and well-equipped, amid practical features allowing ease of use. A timeless alder finish to cupboards and doors provides the Royal with the soothing ambience it deserves.