Static Caravans and Equestrian Centres

Working with animals requires dedication and round the clock care. Staff need to be on hand for those early starts and late nights.

A static caravan from Joal Leisure can provide warm, dry and comfortable accommodation for grooms, instructors, volunteers etc. It will also have many advantages over the alternatives such as funding accommodation off-site, by renting or paying for individuals to stay in guest houses or hotels. The overall cost of a static caravan is much less (from just £1000), plus living on site brings many advantages for both equestrian centre owner and worker.

Depending on your requirements, we have a large selection of good quality pre-owned static caravans for you to choose from, ranging from normal workers caravans to a higher specification for manager’s accommodation. We make sure that these fit the two criteria demanded by this particular market - namely good quality products at real value for money. Options include central heating, double glazing and additional insulation.

In addition, a static caravan can also be used as an excellent office, storeroom, or a base for security staff at night. If you would like something more purpose built, our new ‘Sitemaster’ portable office could just be what you need. More details at our specialist portable office website.

If you own a Riding School and have enough spare land, why not consider installing several static caravans. They are supplied fully fitted and ready to move into and the costs are a fraction of conventional buildings. Planning rules tend to more lenient as well! One of these caravans could easily be used as a changing room / relaxation area for your clients to use both before and after their lesson.

To discuss your requirements for Riding Stables, Stud Farms, Equestrian Centres, or Horse and Donkey Sanctuaries, please call one of our sales advisors on 0844 335 0843 (open 7 days a week).