New Static Caravan Prices

All of our brand new static caravan stock is available to view online, but to make things a little easier for you, we have compliled a quick view guide to our new static caravans!

Make Model Price
BK Bluebird Senator from £49,995
BK Bluebird Sheraton from £32,500
BK Bluebird Caprice from £24,995
BK Bluebird Seville from £21,995
BK Bluebird Grosvenor from £21,500
BK Bluebird Contessa from £19,995
BK Bluebird Calypso from £15,750
Cosalt Monaco Duo from £64,995
Cosalt Monaco from £44,995
Cosalt Balmoral from £36,995
Cosalt Studio from £34,995
Cosalt Vienna from £33,995
Cosalt Sandhurst from £26,995
Cosalt Fairway from £23,995
Cosalt Riverdale from £20,995
Cosalt Torbay from £15,995
Cosalt Millstream from £15,995
Cosalt Torino from £14,995
Delta Belgravia from £36,995
Delta Boston Villa from £29,995
Delta Kensington from £24,995
Delta Denbigh Deluxe from £19,995
Delta Denbigh from £18,995
Delta Santana from £13,995
Delta Nordstar from £12,995
Hulse Ross RO-Series from £33,422
Hulse Ross TO-Series from £33,349
Hulse Ross HO-Series from £23,382
Hulse Ross CH-Series from £22,450
Hulse Ross DIY from £22,450
Normandy Coast from £55,565
Normandy Country from £55,484
Normandy Royale from £34,430
Normandy Holiday from £25,477