Cucumber bleaching

What type of skin pigmentation is the most frequent?

Of course it’s freckles. Often freckles look pretty nice and give the person originality. But the owner of freckled skin, want at all costs, get rid of them.
Well … it is possible to defeat this small defect.
You can prevent the appearance of freckles. To do this, protect the face from exposure to ultraviolet rays.
What to do if freckles have already appeared?
You can try the face lightening cream or you can whiten your face at home by yourself. Here, for example, one of the DIY recipe:

Cucumber bleaching.
Cucumber juice is perfect for the skin. It brightens it up and reduces inflammation.
How to cook: To do this, cucumber rub, mix with one teaspoon of lemon and a teaspoon of sour cream.
The mask is applied only for a quarter of an hour and is cleaned with warm water.